Track & Control


Data is highly valuable in this digital age, and companies are not doing enough to protect it. Every second, up to 68 data records, including passwords, photos, payment details, and personal information, are lost or stolen, leaving online users vulnerable and exposed. Data harvesting is a serious issue that is often overlooked, it is enabled by online users blindly agreeing to Terms and Conditions without thinking of the consequences.


Data breaches have financial effects for companies but can trigger life-changing events for individual victims. Everyone's data is sought after by billion dollar corporations and criminals.This issue is growing daily, yet it is not publicised enough. How can the vulnerability of digital footprints be protected in a scenario where individuals users are up against organisations that don't handle their data correctly?


'Track & Control' is a social activism campaign that raises awareness about data handling and data security on a multi-faceted level. The campaign uses powerful typography to talk directly to people, asking them to take action in their own riht, because nothing else can change the nature of the data industry.

The campaign highlights the origin of the problem - the elusive nature of Terms and Conditions policies, and covers data-related issues from large company breaches to targeted individuals. The touchpoints range from presenting relevant, known issues that also focus on making a lasting impact on the viewer by revealing their level of vulnerability.

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