Live event photography by CROO
Live event photography by CROO
Live event photography by CROO
Live Event Photography Capture by CROO

About CROO

We (Brandon & Ionatan) started CROO a few months before graduating, making this our biggest personal and professional commitment so far.

Founding CROO was decided over a random phone call when we were both wondering what kind of career suits us best. Backed by increasing freelance engagements, we put our interest in working in agencies on hold and decided to give this our best shot.

Simply put, CROO works towards being the best studio of its kind (and size) in the North East. We work at the intersection between design and content because that’s how we tell a complete brand story (and frankly we’ve had enough of stock imagery). Our content-first approach allows us to deliver unique, engaging creative.

Our main activity is withing design, but we push the boundaries of our work through crossovers into neighbouring creative fields, shaping our multi-disciplinary practice.

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