Coaches Collective

Coaches Collective is an event, a platform, a network, and a community all with the same goal: to LEVEL UP the fitness industry in the North East by bringing globally recognised industry leaders to share their knowledge with fitness coaches looking to progress.

The brand identity is built on the values of growth, connection, and education, which we later developed into the brand's language that follows three pillars: inspiration, education, and application. The logo itself hints at the core meaning behind the ‘collective’ word, implying a sense of connection based on common interest.

We had creative control across all brand touchpoints and CROO delivered Coaches Collective across a wide range of applications, from brand, print design to motion graphics and web design.


Education & Fitness




  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Identity
  • Online Marketing
  • Print Design
  • Motion Design
  • Web Design
  • Interactive Design
  • Photography
  • Videography
Coaches Collective Brand Colours -  Designed by CROO Digital StudioCoaches Collective Brand Typography Designed by CROO Digital StudioCoaches Collective Print Design Booklet -  Designed by CROO Digital StudioCoaches Collective Lanyard -  Designed by CROO Digital Studio
Coaches Collective Website  -  Designed by CROO Digital Studio

Event Day

For us, the beauty of this project was being able to experience the success of the event by witnessing it. There was nothing quite like the feeling of seeing all the brand work we did come together on the event day and observing the attendees interacting with all the touchpoints we created. From booklets to screens or sound-interactive animations, seeing Coaches Collective #1 unfold was special.

Not only that, but we were pleased to capture the essence of the day in CROO style - from behind the lens. We photographed and recorded the entire day, watching Coaches Collective really deliver on its values: nurturing the growth of the fitness industry in the North East.

Coaches Collective #1 was a sold-out success of what's set to be the event that puts North East Fitness Education on the map. The first event is all encompassed in this aftermovie.

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